5 tips to level up your game and play BIG in the game of life

5 tips to level up your game and play BIG in the game of life

Somewhere along the way, many of us lose that spark we had when we were young.  Adulthood is supposed to be serious WORK.  The playful years or our childhood are gone and PLAY shouldn’t be part of being an adult.  But this is starting to change.  More and more we’re recognising that play is VITAL, not just for childhood and development, but for all of us at any age.  According to Dr Stuart Brown in his TED talk – ‘Play is more than just fun’ and according to Steve Keil in another TED talk – A Manifesto for Play, lack of play and too much of a ‘serious meme’ can lead to extremely negative results for communities and countries.

Gamification as a way of encouraging engagement and changing behaviours through game-design elements and for a good introduction checkout For The Win and it’s grown bigger than just Badges, Points and Scoreboards.  By understanding the motivation of play and players using frameworks like Octalysis, explained in Actionable Gamification, many are using Gamification to improve our world.

So…can you use it to improve your world?  Can you Gamify your life?  Well with a little MAGIC, I think you can.  And you can not only Gamify your life, you can play at ELITE level in that game.

So what do I mean by MAGIC.


M – the first letter and the first part stands for MISSION.  The first part of any game is to identify the parameters and purpose of the game.  The questions you ask yourself at this stage are:

  • WHY?
    • What is the purpose of the game?  Why do you want to play?  For a great investigation of the power of ‘Why’ checkout Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  • WHAT?
    • What are the outcomes?
  • WHEN?
    • When do you want to these outcomes?
    • What makes it winnable?  Is the game FUN?  Is it a CHALLENGE?

Once you’ve determined the answers for these.  All good games need a cool NAME.


A – the next step – ATTRIBUTES.  Who are the ELITE, Master players of the Game?  What are their strengths?  In a game of Top Trumps what would your score be against these strengths?  A great place to find out about ELITE players is Tim Ferris’s Tools of Titans


G – all games require that you GRIND through challenges.  But they make this enticing.  Games have QUESTS that you GRID through to gain REWARDS.  What QUESTS are part of your game?  Identify the equivalent of the GRIND to LEVEL UP, and increase your scores on your Top Trumps game.  What are the REWARDS and how will you measure your PROGRESS?  For a fun twist on how to make the daily GRIND more interesting checkout Be More Pirate


I – is for INVENTORY.  Games often require you to collect and store resources that will help you through the GRIND.  COINS to exchange for items, TOOLS to manipulate that may need CONSUMABLES and special POTIONS that help along the way.  In life COINS are generally, just that MONEY, but is there anything else in your game that you can exchange?  What are the TOOLS and CONSUMABLES that you need in the game?  Are there any special items or POTIONS?  And what QUESTS can you design to GRIND your way collecting all these items.  How can you store them?  Do you have the right protection to keep them safe?  For a exploration and take on the COINS of life checkout Money


C – Life is not supposed to be a SOLO GAME and you need a CLAN.  So who do you need in your CLAN?  Who are the ‘Builders’, ‘Warriors’, ‘Explorers’, and ’Socializers’?  Identify Mentors and Teachers.  Can you build SQUADS?  Are there GUILDS?  And how do you keep your CLAN functioning? What new QUESTS do you need, to build and nurture your CLAN? Checkout Team of Teams for building cross functional networks in the modern networked age.

We have a choice.  We can WORK at a JOB, waiting to enjoy our RETIREMENT.  Or, we can PLAY and enjoy the GAME all the way to the end.  And with a little MAGIC you can design that GAME.

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