APOPEDIJ – new hashtag?

Okidoki. The second day of BEDIJ. I’m not sure that this’ll actually take off but I will see if I can get using the hashtag and see where it goes :-). Hopefully my blogs will actually start to be more interesting. But we’ll see.

I haven’t got an audio book to read at the moment. So I’ve been binge listening to the ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ podcast. Hilarious. I have been threatening my daughter, who introduced me, with writing a porno myself. So maybe that should be my resolution. A page of a porno every day in January. Maybe Rocky Flintstone and the guys (and Alice) should start a new publishing company just to publish ‘Dad Porn’. I am sure there’d be loads. Maybe I will suggest it…oh I suppose I am. Anyway, I’ve got to go to work (yuk!) so TTFN. Day 2 of BEDIJ done. Next I’ll start APOPEDIJ 🙂 (A page of porn every day in January).

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